Google have Launched Youtube Premium in India: What’s New?

Youtube Premium Review 2019

Recently, Youtube Premium got arrived in India. Google recently announced that it has divided the paid subscription into two YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. Many People are waiting for this update as they need some more flexible feature on Youtube. The Premium Features of Youtube is getting more popular as it is fulfilling the need of people by following the regular trends. It also comes with a comparatively very low price than other video streaming platform. Vivo Apex Review!

Before starting to Know the features in brief, Let’s Look at some blazing facts of Youtube!

  • The Second Most Search Website in the World.
  • There are about 100+ Versions of Youtube according to Different Countries.
  • Most of the Spanish Songs and Videos get about 30% More Views than regular.
  • The Most Disliked Video in Youtube is “Youtube Rewind 2018”. Getting a Downvotes about 15 Million!
  • Youtube was Launched on Valentines Day (14 Feb 2005).

Features in Youtube Premium

1- AD-Free Experience

Youtube Ads Sometime may Irritate and Decrease your Experience in this Popular Video Streaming Platform. Some videos contains about 10-20 ADS Which is even worse! So Google have Launched Youtube Premium with an ad-free experience to make a high-quality environment while watching videos on it. Want to Know More about Youtube. You can constantly watch any Videos or Movies without any

In Youtube Premium you will never face any ad in your Video. According to the Price of the Subscription, Google have eventually done a very well job quitting the shitty ads in their video. I Agree with the fact that numerous numbers of Ads in a Video and Movie can degrade it’s quality. Think Practically!

2- Background Playing Videos

This seems to be a very well executed feature released by Google. It had been the most awaited feature in Youtube. Every one hates Youtube for a reason for no compactability in Background. But this feature can help you to get Run Videos in Background with ease. You can watch videos or Movies doing any task or Running any other apps. This feature can be a very effective feature released by Youtube.

3- Youtube Music

Explore about Millions of High-quality Song only with Youtube Music. Youtube Music have been launched to overtake any other Music Streaming apps, I think it will definitely. Google have launched Youtube Music with a Whole new Design for a new experience. Easily download any Music on the go and Listen them anywhere you want. You can also create and save playlists for a better Music Experience. I think it is going to a full package of new features. For more Info, Check Out this:-

4- Complete Access to Youtube Originals

Google renamed YouTube Red and expanded it to include all kinds of YouTube videos at the end of October 2015. Youtube Originals is a Popular and Premium branch of Youtube which allows user to watch popular shows, series or Movies. Users not using Youtube Premium can never access to the Originals Shows! If you are somehow a Freak for watching videos, then you must purshase the Youtube Premium Which comes with lot of features!

5- Handy Price

Youtube Premium Comes with an unbelievable price in India. It is only RS 129/- Which is affordable for most of the People in India. Again Google Gone Crazy, they also have provided 3 Months Free trail and after that the normal subscription will begin. Seems Great, It had already received many Positive Reviews and the Pace is going Well. It is rapidly growing in India due to its very low pricing.


Youtube Premium have successfully launched in India and already shown its Power. It will give a complete ad-free experience while watcing videos, will be able to run videos in the background. Ton of High quality songs can be heard and download with Youtube Music. The Price is quite affordable for most of the People and I think it is going to be super cool option for users as well as Google!