WordPress 5.2 :Release Date and New Features

Wordpress 5.2

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WordPress 5.2 Beta

Wordpress 5.2 Update
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As the Recent Post in the WordPress.org Forum, It clearly states that WordPress is brought some new feature to it. This update is not yet officially released and on its beta version. Many Beta testers are using it in a demo site as they recommend not to use in your main or productive website. As it can break your website. WordPress 5.2 will bring some new features as well as it is getting rid of some of the bugs that have become a nightmare for WordPress Users. Let’s heck out some new features and updates briefly:-

Changes in the Block Editor

WordPress 5.2 is Bringing some effective changes to the Block Editor. As Mentioned, it is a huge change which will significantly increase its Load Time by Cutting the keypress time. Now, the Block Editor will load fast up to 35% as mentioned in the Post. Not only, the Speed but the accessibility feature will also get some changes. Some Changes includes the Better appearance of URL Slug and Labelling, Focus Styling for navigation using the keyboard is now more accurate and clearer. Youtube Premium in India…

Not just this minor features some new blocks are been added to the Editor. Here are some Blocks that have been added. Most of the People are demanding these popular Blocks, and here is the action by WordPress. WordPress have added one of the most awaited features in this update. Now the Block editor can be accessed through Smartphone which is a pretty good feature. The New Update will also bring a new management system for different Blocks.

  • An RSS Block
  • An Amazon Kindle Block
  • A Search Block
  • Calendar Block
  • Tag Cloud Block

Site Health and PHP Version

Site Health Check is a new feature implemented by WordPress developers. It gives an advanced layer of stability and protection to Your Website. There are many WordPress Errors which we come across sometimes. We get worried and search for solutions, and then we are lost finding the right one from millions of solution. This seems to be a really irritating thing in WordPress.

But in this update, they have added a Site Check Feature to your Dashboard. You can visit the feature in Tools>>Site Check that will definitely help you to increase the speed and security of your website.

Now WordPress will increase its Minimum Supported PHP version to 5.6, which is a great option for increasing your website speed. Make Sure to Update Your PHP Version. Here are some new features that will be added. As Oficially stated, It may release in 30th of April. If you are Looking for More Detailed Information, Then You Can read the Official Post in the Forum. Go to the Topic…