Wondering What Does Your Social Media Updates Tells About Your Personality?

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Most of the time, the purpose of using is different for different people. But have you paid attention as a viewer or the audience when you post something about yourself on any networking? If you have not, then all that you need to do is just go through your social profile and rewind and see how well you are doing as a person on social media as this will reveal on what social media status reveals about you!

According to research done on social media,, engagement has revealed that social media is a clear indicator of one’s personality. This is mostly because social media is a platform where we link our social life and personal lives with the rest of the world. This is a place where we talk about our likes, dislikes, interest, attitude, religious views, political stand, priorities, family life, and not to forget the professional life as well.

Social media is a wide platform where we can express ourselves in the way we want and let others look at our life. This is one of the reasons why we would not post something negative as it can have a bad impression. Instead, we all are more often seen sharing positive and things that will always interest and attention from others and appreciation.

This is one of the reasons why people are always ready to do weird things on social media to get attention and publicity. Here in this article, we reveal you on some of the reasons on how social media updates reveal personality. Check them out.

When It’s All About Family

No doubt! All your posts reveal that you are a family lover. If you have been using social media to update your family, then it is a clear indicator that you are proud of your family and simply love them.You are a person who will not forget to share any important family news or even updates about your kid’s achievements.

When You Are Never Tired Boasting About Partner

Researchers reveal that you lack low self-confidence and insecurity when you are constantly exposing everything about your partner’s moves on your social media as it is not a good idea! This is something like you are trying to reassure yourself that everything with your partner is going well.

About Political And Religious Beliefs

If you are a person who loves to express your political or religious beliefs then it means that you have a clear opinion about your attitude and believes. It also depicts that you are transparent and a strong individual who stays firm on your opinions. This is what social media status tells about you as you are somebody who is not afraid of sharing on what you really feel.

Selfie, Selfie And Again Selfie

If you are a person who often loves to post selfies then you are self-centered individual, who want to expose and announce every different and unique experience that you come across in life. You are often in the bubble world where you think that the whole world is interested in knowing what they are up to. But unfortunately, that is not the reality.

No Windup Of Drama

If this is you, then you are a real attention seeker! You are somebody who is often seen checking your social media updates and see whether you are using too much of emoticons and smilies. You believe in making others anxious about your current situation. But eventually, you forget that nobody is interested to inquire further about the background story.

All that you need to do is use your social media wisely because it clearly talks a lot about your personality.