Top Food Items to be Consumed in the Summers of 2019

Summer season is the time when you can get your hands on the tasty and fresh fruits. Because fruits comprise of sufficient amount of antioxidants, consuming them during the scorching heat will enable your body to remain healthy and refreshing.

“Minimize dehydration with the intake of freshly plucked fruits”

Summer season is considered to be that time of the year when your diet undergoes constant changes. Spending more time outdoors under the burning sun and consistent sweating can have multiple health hazards such as dehydration, skin sensitivity, mineral or vitamin deficiencies, and much more.

Here’s a list of top-recommended fruits to be consumed in the Summers’ of 2019.


As the name suggests, this fruit is the best to deal with the issue of dehydration. Watermelon consists of a high level of water content and it keeps you hydrated all throughout the heat. The fruit contains ‘Lycopene’, a substance that prevents the damage of skin from the sun. Watermelon is considered to be a healer during the summers and it has a direct link with your heart. This fruit contains a sufficient amount of Amino Acids which can enhance the blood flow. With the presence of Citrulline, watermelon is considered to be the best fruit intake during summers.

Watermelon Fruit


Yes, mango is known as the ‘King of Fruits. It has a perfect mix of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Mango has a good amount of Beta Carotene and it acts as the best cancer preventive measure. The intake of mango during the summers can keep your skin soft, glowing, and highly radiant. It also promotes easy digestion and improves immunity during this hot phase.

Fresh mangoes – King of Fruits


Drinking coconut water during the summers is a great therapy to deal with the burning heat. Consuming coconut prevents the heart disease and it contains more saturation. The content present in saturated fat is the presence of Lauric acid. Too much coconut intake can also trigger a large cholesterol level. Enough of coconut water in your body can prevent urinary tract infections and reduces bloating. It contains a good and considerable amount of potassium and ensures in a rapid weight loss. People suffering from high blood pressure can consume coconut water during summer and eliminate the issue of dehydration.

Coconut Water


You can kick start this summer with a moderate amount of fresh pineapples. It is a storehouse of enzymes and is healthy in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. Pineapple is considered to be an anti-inflammation cocktail. It is effective in battling with multiple ailments such as arthritis and colon cancer. Pineapples are sweet and they can easily have instilled in your healthy diet plan.

Freshly cut Pineapples


Papaya comprises of a large amount of Vitamin C and is one of the topmost healing fruit to be consumed during the summer season. If your child is fighting against the irregular and unexpected cold during the summer, papaya can act as the best treatment. Along with Vitamin C, it is also a storehouse Vitamin E and Beta Carotene. It heals the skin allergies or discomfort caused during the summer season and can also minimize the issue of asthma. It is considered to be a soft fruit as it can easily break down the proteins in your body.



If you want to discover the magical health benefits of guava in summer, inculcate the consumption of this fruit in your diet. It is a widely consumed summer fruit and is acidic in nature. The presence of Lycopene helps you to prevent prostate cancer and is rich in fiber.


So, set your coming summer to be stress-free and healthy with these nutritious and flavored freshly fruits.