Top 8 Best Travel Destinations to be Explored in 2019

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So, vacation times are round-the-corner and you might be struggling to look out for your travel destination in 2019!

Wherever you go, go with all your heart” – Confucius

Check out the top 8 travel destination lists that you must not miss out in 2019!

Mexico City in Mexico

Go and grab the original flavors of corn! Want to experience the fresh and hot ‘Tortilla’? Head straightway to Mexico City. The city is investing in the traditional preparing of the corn by preserving its indigenous features. Do not miss out to visit ‘Masala y Maiz’, a restaurant that is focused on a corn research project and brings out the best essence and culinary traditions related to the corn preparations.

Corn Farm in Mexico


Why ‘Greenland’ in 2019? Amazed? Because, Greenland is all set to mark the 10-years of an independent rule in 2019. Explore the world’s largest island with the Arctic adventures such as sea kayaking, heli skiing, and sailing into the wild through a helicopter or charter boat.



Recently, the ruler of Oman, decided to reinstitute the culture of ‘Sultanate’s Horse’. You can become a horse rider and discover the beauty of Hajar mountains, take a breathtaking tour along the ‘Gulf of Oman’ beaches and explore the red sand dunes of the Rub al Khali.

Oman Horse Ride

Fanjingshan in China

It is declared as one of the ‘Newest’ heritage site of 2019 by UNESCO World Heritage Site. In search of peace? Climb up to the scared Buddhist temple at Fanjingshan and explore the serene atmosphere through the inexplicable rock formations and beyond-the-cloud view. Also, discover the rich flora and fauna including the gray snub-nose monkey that constitutes the region.

Buddhist Temple at Fanjingshan

Dordogne in France

Want to visit a castle as such depicted in the fairy tales? Dordogne in France is the suited place to walk through your charming imaginations. Well, this region marks the 100 years of existence in 2019. Go and explore the annual celebration comprising of French, Spanish, or Italian based dance, music, and exquisite cuisines. Plan an organized trip with your friends and family and make a pre-historic visits to the Dordogne valley.

Castle in Dordogne


This smallest country of Central America is trending across the world due to its successful marine conservation. Want to explore the aquatic beauty of marine life? Head your way to Belize! Recently, it was removed from the danger list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. From a well-maintained mangrove forest, to the ban on plastic use, Belize has been trending and is waiting for a huge celebration this Earth’s Day.

Caño Cristales River, Colombia

Want to witness the mesmerizing beauty of a rainbow river? Make a visit to Colombia between July to November and get the attractive view of the aquatic plants in the Caño Cristales River (flowing through the heart of Colombia). Take a swim at the fresh waters of this rainbow river mixed with the shades of yellow, blue, green, red, and black.

Caño Cristales River

Cairo in Egypt

Ardent follower of historical events? Make a trip to Cairo this 2019 and witness the inauguration of 5.2 million square foot Egyptian museum.  It will be considered as the largest museum in the world, devoted to one single civilization. It will be exhibiting the historical views of Sphinx, Pyramids, relics of King Tutankhamun, and much more. Make sure to take an archaeologist along with you to get a deeper insight into the motives of the museum located on the Giza plateau.

Egyptian Museum

Pack your bags and en-route to the well-suggested travel destinations of 2019.