Tips to Fight Obesity


Obesity has become one of the common health disorder. It is defined as a condition wherein your body accumulates excessive fat, which turns to produce adverse effects on your health.

As per a report bought out by ‘World Health Organization’, “One billion out of the world’s seven billion population are overweight.”

Due to the increase in heart diseases and diabetes, it is of utmost importance to control the issue of obesity right from childhood.

Let’s answer our prime concern – How to Control Obesity?

Stabilize blood sugar

Controlling your blood sugar level is one of the prime ways to have easy control over obesity. The common symptoms of blood sugar variations are:

  • Finding it stressful to lose weight
  • Feeling hungry consistently
  • Increased blood sugar
  • Irritating feel when a meal is skipped
  • Anxious without reason
  • Frequently waking up at night
  • Increase sleepiness in the afternoon
  • Feeling comfortable or better after having food
  • Craving for sweet items

Instability in the blood sugar level can generate frequent food cravings and this might affect your trials of reducing the weight. Consuming low carb diets can be effective but they can lead to rapid weight gain.

Ensure to consume food which can create a lower effect on your blood sugar level. Every kind of food has a different effect on blood sugar.

Performing moderate exercise can stabilize the blood sugar level and also make sure to increase the intake of dietary fiber such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Reducing stress

Too much stress can cause an enhanced growth in the abdominal fat cells and it can pave a way to obesity and insulin conflict. Increased stress can release adrenal hormone cortisol. This hormone is highly responsible for promoting weight gain and increasing the instability in blood sugar level.

Every individual experience some sort of stress on a daily basis. The high level of stress you experience, the greater is its harmful effects. To effectively manage obesity, you should handle your stress level with ease by calming your mind and body, along with getting a sufficient amount of sleep.

The prominent conditions associated with the stress includes:

  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Headaches
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis

Muscle toning

Performing a good amount of exercise regularly can have positive effects on your health and also contributes to controlling your obesity disorder. The muscle mass gains a rapid increase during your teenage, especially during the 20s. Physical inactivity is one of the major reason that causes obesity.

Exercising daily for at least 30 minutes can improve your muscle tone and reduce depression.

Changing your habits

Minimize the portion size when it comes to consumption of high-calorie food and maximizes the portion size of low-calorie food products. Take some time to eat your food. Do not rush or swallow immediately.

Want to overcome obesity naturally? The best way is to practice slow eating habit.

Poor eating habits are the primary reason for increased obesity.

It has been increasing at an alarming rate and has gained a huge concern globally. Obesity leads to an increase in various other health-related issues such as premature death, low quality of life, etc. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to have proper control over the obesity increase.

One of the biggest factors that lead to a substantial increase in the number of obesity patients includes consuming fast food and soft drinks frequently. Apart from these, a few other causes of obesity are genetics, psychological factors, and overeating.

The above-mentioned are few measures to control your obesity. Visit a doctor immediately, if you feel that the situation is worsening your lifestyle.