The Unrecognized Symptoms of Depression

Depression is one of the common mental illness and has its impact on a majority of people across the world. Studies have revealed that women are more prone to depression than men, especially women belonging to 18-25 years of age.

If you are feeling low of late consistently, it’s time to re-think about your condition. Mood swings are common in the present stressful life but if not given proper attention, it can be more dangerous.

Depression can be caused due to a rough personal relationship or a stressful working environment in the workplace.

Most of us tend to ignore the symptoms of depression, leading to a disaster in future.

Here are some signs that indicate you are undergoing depression.

Appetite change

Depression has a severe impact on your food in-takes and desire to eat more. But, the level varies from one person to another. For some, there’s an increase in appetite whereas, for others, there is a significant decrease. People who experience Anhedonia lose interest in having food and they do not enjoy to consume an appetite. One of the related symptoms of depression is weight loss. To eradicate such harmful weight loss, you must be aware of your mental condition and get a doctor’s consultation immediately.

Lack of interest to socialize

One of the frequent sign of depression is losing the interest to socialize with your friends, family, social circle and even a lack of interest to pursue your passionate activity. This condition is known as Anhedonia and is a primary sign of depression. A study conducted reveals that Anhedonia is interlinked to reward circuits in our brain and the ways we conceive desire. Hence, if you feel that you are a victim of Anhedonia, it’s time to seek medical assistance.

Feeling guilt

Depression comes along with a feeling of being unhappy but the reality is far different (it’s much worse). Along with feeling varied mood swings (especially low mood), the person might also undergo too much of negative emotions and thoughts. You might feel guilt or a sense of hopelessness, and the worst part is you won’t be able to do anything about it. In case, if you are experiencing these mental symptoms, get the best assistance right away.

Suicidal thoughts

The thought of self-harming is a common sign of undergoing depression. It means that you have failed to express the emotional disturbances and you facing multiple difficulties to cope up with the issues. Generally, suicidal thoughts affect youngsters facing depression but it can also attack the individuals from all the age-groups. There are various suicidal prevention centers which will help you to eliminate such negative thoughts. Thus, if you feel like attacking yourself physically to remove some sort of mental burden, contact a preventive center right away.

Physical pain

Though depression is a kind of mental illness and psychological condition, it can have a drastic effect on your body. The physical indications might vary from one person to another. But it is of utmost importance to keep a regular and consistent look of your body during the various stages of depression. The major and frequent physical symptoms of depression include pain in muscles (neck and back), severe headaches, fatigue, stomach issues, cramps, nausea, bloating, and constipation.

Other signs include:

  • Irritability and anxiousness
  • Severe tiredness and exhaustion
  • Problems to sleep (insomnia) or too much of sleep
  • Facing difficulty to remember things or inability to focus on certain things
  • Feeling out of control
  • Feelings of tearfulness or extreme mood swings
  • No interest in sexual desires, daily activities, or relationships
  • Feeling constantly stressed out and tensed
  • Panic attacks

If you are facing the above-mentioned signs and symptoms consistently, do not be late. Get a doctor’s appointment and save yourself right now.