Less Known Facts About Periods

Introduction The first reaction when you hear the word “period or menses”, would not be so pleasing one. Though for few, getting their periods is a happy time but generally women crib and suffer a lot from it. Though men tend to be curious on knowing what happens to a woman’s body during their period, they maintain a safe distance from their lady as they are unsure about the temper and mood swings they have! One of the studies has revealed that when women who are on their periods, tend…

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Menstruation Myths that You Should Avoid

Period Myths

“Do not feel ashamed for having your menstruation” From considering periods or menstruation to be a taboo to coming out of the dark age, the world and mindset of the people are changing. When you are going through your periods, you shouldn’t touch pickle as it might get spoiled, you cannot drink cow’s milk, as it might poison the herd, and so on. Sounds terrible and insane right? And yet, a majority of the countries across the world hold on to such myths. These false beliefs created by society are…

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