Top 5 Food That Promotes Weight Loss

A recent study has proved that some of the food items can have a significant effect on our diet and appetite. There are certain foods which can promote weight loss, once you instill them on your diet plan. All the food does not create an equal amount of calorie and thus, they create a different metabolic process in each body. The food items can numerous varied effects on your body, diet, amount of calories burnt, and hormones. Food items that are rich in protein and fiber can be of great…

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Tips to Fight Obesity


Obesity has become one of the common health disorder. It is defined as a condition wherein your body accumulates excessive fat, which turns to produce adverse effects on your health. As per a report bought out by ‘World Health Organization’, “One billion out of the world’s seven billion population are overweight.” Due to the increase in heart diseases and diabetes, it is of utmost importance to control the issue of obesity right from childhood. Let’s answer our prime concern – How to Control Obesity? Stabilize blood sugar Controlling your blood…

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