Significance of Menstrual Hygiene Education in Schools

28th of May is celebrated as ‘Menstrual Hygiene Day’ all across the world, but still, we live in a world where talking about menstruation is considered to be a taboo.

Periods or menstruation is a natural element of the reproduction cycle but because it is considered to be a taboo, it is discussed less in the public. Nearly 60% of the women in different parts of the world are still aren’t aware of menstrual hygiene, which increases the risk of vaginal infections.

In one of our previous articles, we have discussed the myths surrounding the menstrual cycle. The circulation of such false information has prevented women from the facts and understanding of menstrual hygiene.  

It’s time to spread the need for inculcating menstrual hygiene education right from the school environment.

Preparing for the first period

The first ‘periods’ is widely considered to be scary and highly painful. It is terrifying for a teenager, who isn’t aware of the menstrual cycle or why the bleeding occurs. To combat such a situation, it is essential to educate the girls about Menarche (your first period) right in the beginning. Most of the parents feel discomfort in talking about menstruation at home. And hence, schools can play a vital role to educate the girls about menstrual hygiene.

It is necessary to know about menstrual precautions

Sanitary Materials

It is important for the girls to know that how a sanitary material such as a napkin, tampons, or a menstrual cup works during periods. If they aren’t aware of how to place or insert a menstrual cup and tampons, they will be prone to experience menstrual unhygienic circumstances. It enables the girls to explore their body in different new ways.

Lack of schooling

A study revealed that one out of five girls gets dropped out of school during the onset of their first period. Without a good knowledge of periods and menstrual hygiene, most of the girls miss out at least 5 days every month during their school life. The inadequate safety during periods caused due to lack of knowledge can hinder the education process of the girls.

Dealing with myths

Educating the girls about menstrual hygiene helps them to overcome the instance of following the various menstrual myths. With the tool of right education on periods and safety, one can positively deal with the various cultural superstitions created by the global society. The factual information about menstrual hygiene and sufficient menstrual dealing measures can boost the self-confidence of every woman and will facilitate them to be confident and comfortable.

Realizing they are pure

One among the common menstrual myth existing in the society is that ‘bleeding girls’ are restricted from visiting pious places such as a temple or any functions. This is because women are treated to be an impure object during the bleeding phase. Even touching of pickle o drinking water is considered to be tainted for the bleeding girls. Such mis concepts can be eradicated only with the right use of menstruation hygiene management. It makes them aware of the fact that they are not unclean and will enable them to understand their worth in a better way.

Away from infections

The impart of menstrual hygiene education in schools helps the young girls to take the necessary precautions during their menstrual cycle. One should mandatory change their sanitary napkins or tampons at-least 4-5 times in a day (depending upon the severity of bleeding). This helps to prevent various kinds of vaginal infections.

To create a better, beautiful, and healthy environment for women and girls of the upcoming generation, it is important for us to embrace menstrual hygiene management right from the ground level.