Samsung Galaxy Fold Secret Footage Leaked With New Features

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Folding Smartphones are bringing a new trend in the world of smartphones. Here the Most awaited Folding Smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold get some glitches. According to recent news, Someone has posted the Samsung Galaxy Fold footage in Twitter which has became viral! Most of the People are thinking of how he managed to get his hand on the Galaxy fold. There are two big players right now, Huawei Mate X and Galaxy Fold. These two smartphones are attracting too many people with their new innovation. Huawei Mate X Pro Review.

Let’s Look at the Features:-

  • Comes with a High Res 7.3” Inch Dynamic Amoled Display (Without Fold) and 4.6”Inch HD+ Super Amoled Display (In Fold).
  • Triple Camera Setup
  • Both Wired and Wireless Charging with fast charge compatibility. 4380mAh (Typical Battery) which will give this smartphone a long lifespan.
  • No MicroSD Slot.
  • 12 GB Ram with 512 GB Storage.
  • Android 9.0 Pie.
Without Fold
Full Screen
Galaxy Fold

Leaked Video of Galaxy Fold

As it is not officially released, there is much fake news which had become virl so far. But this leakage shows some secret feature of this foldable smartphone which Samsung didn’t tell us. The Crease is the secret in many foldable smartphones, here the Galaxy Fold is showing irregular crease when opened. This will decrease the reputation of this popular foldable smartphone. Considering Huawei, it has a perfect design, screen to body ratio and a natural crease better than Samsung.

This is a user-generated content may be fake or real no ones knows. If it is real and Samsung have implemented this crease on their smartphone. Then it is definitely going to lose the race. Many hearts have scattered by looking a the ugly crease in the middle of this smartphone when it is opened.

Huawei Mate X V/S Galaxy Fold

The foldable smartphones are going to rule this year and the two biggest players right now Huawei with the Mate X and Samsung with the Galaxy Fold. Let’s start with the Design and Screen Ratio. Both these Folding smartphones come with Amoled Display. Huawei Mate X Getting a bigger screen( 8 inches) as Compared to Galaxy Fold(7.3 Inch) with Mate X dominating the screen resolution than Samsung. As the Result Says Huawei has implemented a Nice Quality screen than Samsung.

Both Comes with the Same Operating System i.e Android 9.0 and it is not clearly evident if they both will get the latest Android Q Update. Check out the Android Q Features. Both these Folding Smartphones have a large 512 GB Storage which is well enough for use. But here Mate X has a dedicated MicroSD Slot which Samsung Fails to do.

In terms of Performance, Samsung can override Mate X. Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and 12 GB Ram which is well enough to handle apps and games in this era. But Mate X Comes with Kirin 980 and 8GB ram which will definitely be going to lower its benchmark than Samsung.

Samsung comes with a cool Triple-lens ultra wide-angle 16-megapixel, standard 12MP with OIS and variable aperture, and telephoto 12MP with OIS rear, 10MP front closed, 10MP and 8MP front open Camera Setup which will Support 2160p at 60 Frames Per Second. Whereas Mate X comes with Quad-lens ultra-wide-angle 16-megapixel, standard 40MP with OIS, 8MP telephoto, and TOF camera (rear) setup which will support 2160p at 30 Frames Per Second. These are Some Major Difference betwenn these two foldable smartphones.

Video Review of Samsung Galaxy Fold