Should You Root Your Smartphone: Pros and Cons Explained

Smarphone Rooting

If you are passionate about the world of smartphones then you have certainly heard about the concept of rooting. It has nothing to do with the illegal world, however, it stands for a technical word that can come up with many side effects that you have to know before taking action and root your device. Although every disadvantage has an advantage, here in this case also Rooting your Smartphone gives you a Completely New Experience. Check out our Latest Post!

In the next lines, we are going to have a deep look on the top advantages and inconvenient of the rooting process of your future smartphone. Accordingly, you will be able to decide whether you are going to root your device or step back and follow the manufacturer guidelines.

Main Cons

Cons of Rooting

Loss of Warranty

Firstly, let us start with the cons of rooting your future smartphone. As a start, we can say that rooting will automatically erase the warranty of the manufacturers. Your phone will have no support from the original makers. You have to take care of any technical problems you face in the future. Almost all the Smartphone Company don’t encourage their customers to Root their smartphone and remove their pre-installed apps. You may Root your Smartphone after the period of the Warranty! Vivo Apex Review: A Portless Notch Killer!

Having a Bricked Phone

In addition to that, while rooting your phone, the risk of turning your phone into a bricked box is recurrent. You can easily fall in the trap of an unusable and broken phone after the rooting process. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to root. Any Error in the procedure may cause serious harm to your Smartphone. So be Prepared before taking the Risks!

Low Performance

Furthermore, the phone can systematically lose its basic and default performance. In addition, of course, you have nothing to complain about since the rooting removes the primordial warranty from the original manufacturers. According to many statistics, the rooters used to claim that the phone will become more performance and fast but the opposite occurs.


The most dangerous problem of rooting your phone is becoming more exposed to the trap of virus. However, many experts can advise you to free your Phone ROM whenever you change the code of your system. Like that, you can reduce the risk of being infected by potential viruses.

Top Advantages

User Interface

More Astonishing Apps

On the other hand, we can find plenty of advantage that can easily make you forget about the cons of rooting. First, the rooting process let you use some epical apps that can be forbidden from the beginning of your phone use. Even the use of some suspicious apps can be allowed after the rooting process. If you are Using an Android or an IOS Smartphone, you may face many apps in the default app store which may run in an Fully Root Smartphone. How to Promote Your Facebook Page?

Free More Memory Space

In addition to that, you can obviously remove the unwanted pre-installed apps from your own device. Like that, you can become able to control whatever you want from your device. No more restriction from your phone manufacturers. In other words, you become the real master of your device. Those Pre-installed apps maybe called bloatware which increase your space rapidly. Removing those apps can help you to Increase Memory Space as well as the Ram Consumption.

More custom ROM Chances

Finally, the most powerful benefit from rooting your phone is altering a custom ROM. Like that, you will have the possibility to install custom themes and speeding your phone responding by using some custom apps that used to be forbidden before the rooting process. Apex Legends Review!

In fact, rooting your smartphone can handle you the most advanced tools to boost your user experience. However, the risk of getting a broken phone is too high. As results, it is up to you to decide whether you root your phone or not.