RealMe 3 Review: Can’t Keep Pace With the Trends!

Realme 3 Screen

No one can deny that Realme has a super influence in the area of smartphones. Of course, when it comes to the price, the revolutionary phone can add massive value to the budget. You can easily purchase a high-quality phone with a minimum budget. The design is good and the performance is impressive compared to the price.

However, the realme 3 has the same hardware specs as the last year. Nothing special was added to the new phone. This is the real bad news when it comes to a developing company in such a competitive age In the market of smartphones. The competition is everywhere; realme had to give its best to compete with a giant in the field. Realme have enhanced its fame, especially in the Indian Market. Realme 3 has also comforted many people with it’s Look, Design and Features. However as Many Experts Picks, it can’t hold a Proper Benchmark. It is the 3rd Highest Selling Smartphone Company in India! Samsung Folding Smartphone Review..

Main Specifications

The realme 3 contains two basic main choices, either a 3GB RAM and 32GB storage or 4GB and 64GB. Furthermore. We have the ability to add more than and the option to add up to 256GB using an SD card. Let us talk about the shape and the specs of the fans screen of the realme 3. It is all about a 6.2-inch IPS LCD display with 1520 x 720 resolution. In addition to that, we can find a fingerprint sensor and a USB key under the screen.

Camera Description

Furthermore, the camera in the rear has the same quality and performance as the realme 2. Nothing was changed. It has 13MP f/1.8 with 2MP dual lens. It is surely impressive dealing with such range of smartphones. The colors are perfectly captured and the faces can be easily caught thanks to the powerful focus technology embedded by the Indian company. Huawei Mate X Review…

Look of Realme 3

The Unique Design of RealMe 3

The phones are not as steady s you see in the picture. It has a plastic cover that gives you the impression that the phone was sucked from different pieces. One of the most attractive factors of the new realme 3 is the colour gradient effect on the back of the new smartphone. They can handle the customers a real attraction of design. This is one of the most attractive pillars of the new generation of realme phones.

The curvy design can also handle you a luxury look for the middle range phone. It seems a unique idea, which the Indian company used to stand outside the crowd.

To sum up, we can say that the new realme3 has nothing to do with improvement at the hardware level. Especially compared to the old realme 2 generation. Although, the design is very impressive without any doubt. We are seeking to know more about the change in terms of hardware in the next versions of realme phones. Why Photoshop is Great For Graphics Designers…


Talking about the front camera, it has a 13-megapixel shooter. Comparing to the prices, it still a great deal for photography fans. Coming to the price ranges, the 3GB RAM and 32GB storage can cost you under 127 USD. On the other and the 4 GB RAM and the 64 GB, storage can cost you up to 156 usd. It seems a great deal for such a smartphone with such abilities to compete with the giants in the area nowadays.

If you are looking for a Compact Smartphone that Can handle all of your Light Tasks and Activities. Then RealMe 3 is a Great Option. If you are in a Short Budget and wanna find something Fittable to it. Then you Should go with this Smartphone in this Price Range. Hope You Liked, this Quick Review in RealMe 3. Comment Below and Let Us Know, About it More…