Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy & Cookies Policy (the ‘Policy’) of, (Hereafter ‘PAT’, ‘we’ or ‘us’). This Policy describes the ways in which PAT collects and uses information about you when you use our website at (the “Website”).

PAT may change this Policy at any time in which case we shall notify you of any changes to this Policy by noting this on the Website. The amends will apply to your use of the Website after we have given notice. If you do not accept the new Policy you should not continue to use the Website. If you carry on to use the Website after the date on which the change comes into effect, your use of the Website indicates your agreement to be bound by the new Policy.

This Policy was last changed on March 11, 2019.

This Policy can be printed or stored using the buttons at the top of this page in website.

  • ICO registration: For the purposes of data protection legislation, PAT is the controller for the processing of your personal data. PAT has notified the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) of its processing of personal data. The notification indicates what data is processed by PAT and for what purpose, and to which persons or entities the data will be provided. Click here to check the notification in the public register of the ICO.
  • Information which is collected when you use the Website: PAT may collect the following information from you when you use the Website:

a) Any technical information which we assemble from you when you sign up to our newsletter, specifically the web browser that you are using, including its version number, as well as certain location data – namely your country, city, time zone and approximate latitude and longitude of your location;

b) Any information which you wish enter into the Website when you sign-up to our newsletter (precisely your name and e-mail address), submit any user created content (i.e., the information you submit to us when submitting such content), or join in any chat session;

c) If you sign into your Account using a social network (such as Facebook or Twitter), we may be able to access certain data about you through that social network that you have agreed to make available; for example on Facebook, your Facebook ID, information relating to your profile picture, friends, language, gender, geo-location or the device you are using. You can change what information we access by altering your privacy features on your social networks; and

c) The information collected by PAT’s (please see Clause 9 below) use of cookies and similar technologies as well as certain other technical information assembled by PAT such as your votes on reviews, which product comparisons you make, which e-mails you sign-up to, the links you access and your location;

e) Certain information that we find via a third-party portal such as which compiles various publicly available data about you into one dataset for our review and use.

  • How the information collected about you when you download and use the Website is used: The information about you described in Clause 2 may be used by PAT as follows:

a) The data or information in 2(a) and (b) is used to provide the newsletter that you have requested to you or, in the case of any user-generated content, for us to show such user-generated content on the website together with e.g., your name showing you as the author of such review, or, in the case of the chat service, to answer your enquiry made via such chat service;

b) The information in 2(c) enables PAT to undertake administrative tasks in relation to the management of the Website, to provide technical support and troubleshooting, and to tweak, tune and facilitate the improvement of the Website;

c) The information in 2(d) and (e) enables PAT to compile a more comprehensive picture of the Website users and to be able to best serve users of the Website in doing so;

e) All of the information in Clause 2 may be used by us to recommend appropriate Facebook groups or other community groups that you might be concerned in, you are able to opt-out of such personalized advertising at any time by clicking here and following the instructions;

d) Your e-mail address may be used to (subject to you having provided your express consent when registering or us otherwise be permitted to do so via applicable data protection and direct marketing legislation) send e-newsletters relating to our latest developments and events, links to content that we think you will like, promotional offers, discounts and loyalty rewards;

f) All of the info in Clause 2 is used to retarget advertisements such as Google advertisements or Facebook advertisements appropriately, you are able to opt-out of such personalized advertising at any time by clicking here or the link above and following the guidelines;

g) All of the info in Clause 2 is used to audit IP addresses and user behavior in order to prevent misuse; and

h) All of the info set out in Clause 2 is shared with third parties as labeled in Clause 5 below.

  • Ground for processing: PAT relies on the genuine interests processing ground to gather the information set out in clause 2, with the exception of that info set out in 2(a) for which PAT relies on consent (as it is your choice whether to ask for a newsletter, participate in a chat and/or submit any user-generated content). It is in PAT’s legitimate interests to collect such items of personal data listed in 2(b) to (e) above because this is necessary in order to provide and improve the services that it offers to you and to make the Website a gainful commercial offering. The items of personal information collected are, in being limited to “business card” type data, not of a nature whereby your rights and freedoms as a records subject are balanced by such data collection.
  • Sharing information with third parties: PAT shall not pass your information to any third party (other than as described in this clause). Your information may, subject to PAT’s obligations to comply with applicable data protection legislation, be shared with the following third parties:
  1. Various affiliate partners;
  2. PAT’s advertising partners such as Google Adsense and Amazon Associates;
  3. PAT’s hosting providers – Linode and Amazon AWS;
  4. PAT’s analytics partners such as Google, HotJar and VWO;
  5. PAT’s support solutions providers such as LiveChat;
  6. PAT’s e-mail marketing provider, A Weber which processes the Newsletter Data;
  7. Other ancillary social media and other tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and;
  8. PAT’s back-up provider;

i) Other providers for PAT’s internal processing (such as Google G-Suite), lead generation services, payment processing services, content delivery services and its survey/quiz provider;

j) Having taken precautions to maintain the security of such information, PAT may share this information with its regulator (the ICO);

k) In anonymised form, PAT may share the information with:

i. your social networks who may merge this info with other data they hold about you-you should refer to your social network’s privacy policy to see how they will use this information;

ii. any third party, in relation to the sale of some or all PAT’s business, or its assets, or as part of any business restructuring or reorganization. PAT will take steps with the aim of ensuring that your rights continue to be protected if your personal data is transferred in accordance with this clause;

iii. Information aggregators and platform providers as part of an enquiry of user metrics or sales performance; or

iv. Law enforcement agencies in compliance with law enforcement.

  • Links to third party websites and third party advertisements: PAT is not answerable for the privacy policies and practices of other sites even if you access them via the Website. You should check the rule of each site you visit and contact its owner or operator if you have any concerns or questions. In addition, if you link to your Account from a third party site or via a social network, PAT is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of the owners or operators of that third party website and endorses that you check the policy of that third party site and contact its owner or operator if you have any concerns or questions.
  • Security: PAT has implemented technology and policies to safeguard your privacy from unauthorized access and improper use. You may also amend your account settings on your social networks to prevent both us and third parties seeing info in relation to you.
  • Storage and Data Retention: We hold your private data as follows: (i) the info you submit to find a newsletter is suppressed as soon as you select to unsubscribe to such newsletter; (ii) the info you submit as user-produced content is deleted as soon as you object to such user-generated content being continued to be used by us; (iii) the info you submit to participate in a chat is deleted once the purpose for you providing such info has accomplished and no later than number of months……. after you have participated in such chat; and (iv) the other info in 2(b) to (e) will be reserved forever because it is not highly sensitive personal data and, in fact, much of the info is non-personally recognizable info and is required for historical reasons to improve the overall user experience. We store all of the info collected on our servers or those of third parties. Where we store your private data outside the EEA we take steps to guarantee that such transfers of your private data are satisfactory in accordance with applicable data protection law.