Menstruation Myths that You Should Avoid

Period Myths

“Do not feel ashamed for having your menstruation”

From considering periods or menstruation to be a taboo to coming out of the dark age, the world and mindset of the people are changing.

When you are going through your periods, you shouldn’t touch pickle as it might get spoiled, you cannot drink cow’s milk, as it might poison the herd, and so on. Sounds terrible and insane right? And yet, a majority of the countries across the world hold on to such myths. These false beliefs created by society are being constantly passed on from generation to generation.

Menstrual blood is considered to be ‘impure’ by many, especially in countries like Nepal, wherein menstrual huts are created to accommodate women on their ‘period’ days.

A Few Myths About Periods That Needs a FULLSTOP

No Bath – Some are of the opinion that you should not take a bath on your period days as it is unsafe. The reason being hot water can either increase the bleeding or stop the bleeding.

Reality – Hot water improves the blood flow and can help you to reduce the menstrual cramps and minimize the muscular tension. Relax in a bathtub and clean your body during the menstruation days as it can also help you to build a positive mood.

Sex – One of the common myths is that you cannot get pregnant if you have sex during periods. During the menstruation stage, your fertility level is low, whereas the fertility kicks off during the ovulation stage. The menstrual cycle can last from 28 days to 21 days which can further impact the ovulation process.

Reality – Having unprotected sex during the periods can make you pregnant as the sperms can live within the genital tract for 5 days or even 7 days. The sperm can get in contact with the ovulation and thus, fertilize an egg. Unprotected sex during a period can also transmit HIV or other infections.

Postpone Period – Most of the women consider that postponing periods with the intake of birth control pills for a long time is unhealthy.

Reality – But it is absolutely fine to suppress your menstruation with the help of birth control pills. The period symptoms might vary from one woman to another. Some might experience severe nausea, heavy bleeding, whereas others might get dysmenorrhea (painful and stressful periods). This might urge women to skip or extend their periods, which is absolutely safe.

Tampon – One of the popular misconceptions is the use of tampons of during periods. A tampon needs to be inserted in your vagina and people believe that it can harm your vaginal area by extensive damage. Tampons can break the hymen and breaking your virginity before marriage is considered to be a boon in most parts of the world. Another myth related to tampon is placing it for the first time makes it get lost in the vagina.

Reality – Inserting a tampon in vagina will not cause any damage. And especially during the periods, inserting a tampon won’t be uncomfortable as there is increased blood flow. But yet, if you feel discomfort in placing the tampon, you can use a lubricant to ease the process.  It is essential for you to change the tampons every 4 to 8 hours to prevent the accumulation of blood or bacteria. Regarding the second tampon myth, vagina is a small opening and the tampon comes along with strings which facilitates easy removal. You can get hold of the string and pull it out easily.

If you aren’t sure of what’s the truth and what are the false beliefs created by man, years ago, it’s time to educate yourself and come out of such myths.