HUAWEI Mate X First Impressions: Better Than Samsung?

huawei mate x

HUAWEI Mate X is the World Fastest 5G Folding Phone and a great Innovation to the History of Smartphones. It Comes with a Full AMOLED Display and a Superior Quality Fold, Which Make You Feel Like Handing a Normal Phone. No Bend on the Middle of the Screen and Somehow Protected. This is a Masterpiece Made by HUAWEI. You can experience both Tablet and Smartphone in it.

The hisilicon Kirin 980 processor and 6gb to 8gb RAM provide exceptional performance for app opening and running, menu browsing, home screen operation and more. Powered by the GPU Turbo 2.0 technology, hardware and software, it works hand in hand to speed up and deliver a cutting – edge gaming experience. Later on, Samsung have also Joined the Party Lauching its Secret Weapon “Samsung Galaxy Fold“. But accroding to Some Recent Reviews, Samsung can’t hold its head higher than of HUAWEI. Huawei delivers 5g from end to end to connect with the future and bring out all the capabilities of the 5g network. Here are Some Images of this Cool Foldable Smartphone….

HUAWEI Mate X Front View
HUAWEI Mate X bend view
HUAWEI Mate X front views

Quick Highlights of HUAWEI Mate X

It’s an 8 Inch Screen Foldable Smartphone (When Opened) but on the other side, we have the 6.6 Inch Display(When Folded/Closed) which Make it a Smartphone. It has 3 Side, On the Another Side, It comes with a 6.3 Inch Display with Front Cameras. The 5G Compatibility is due to the Boolong 5000 which is essential for enabling the 5G Feature in this Foldable Smartphone.

The Flexibility and the Innovation of this Phone take about 3 Years as Reported By Huawei. Mainly the Hinge, which Makes it Foldable takes a lot of time and dedication. But, Hard Works Really Pays! The Smartphone is eventually about 11 Millimetres only, When Folded which is approximately the same as normal smartphones. It is the thinnest Foldable Smartphone Available in the Market. When You Open the Fold, It will give about 5.4 Inch Thickness in the edges, which is quite brilliant.

HUAWEI Mate X have a triple camera system and a Finger Print Sensor on its edge. It also has Power and Volume Buttons which is Quite Impressive. The Portless Smartphone in the Market! They have really maintained the standard of these smartphones and implemented necessary and essential features that People Need. Hat’s off to this Masterpiece. You Can Also Capture High-Quality Wide Angle Photos with it.

HUAWEI Mate X showcase

Other Specs include 4500 MaH Battery. Originally, It has two Battery on either side of this foldable smartphone which will Combine to give you a maximum battery Life of 4500 MAH. It also comes with a Super Charge feature which will Charge about 85% of the Battery in Just 30 Minute! Unbelievable Huawei.


HUAWEI Mate X is one of the greatest Innovation in the History of Smartphones So Far. It have some of the best and shocking features. As Far the Review, It seems to be a very Stable Foldable Smartphone.