Hot Tea Can Boost Up the Risk of Esophageal Cancer


Esophageal cancer is an invasive tumor occurring in the esophagus, a tube connecting the throat with the stomach.

As per research that was published in the International Journal of Cancer, there has been an establishment of a link between drinking hot tea and increased risk of Esophageal cancer.

A majority of the people across the globe consider having a fresh hot cup of tea early in the morning to get a refreshing and energetic feel. But studies have proved that it has a negative implication on your health.

Studies reveal that people who drink hot tea at a temperature of 60-degrees or more and consumed an approximate of 700ml of tea every day are prone to 90% increased risk of Esophageal cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, there will be an emergence of around 17650 new Esophageal cancer cases and an approximate of 16000 can die due to cancer. The society also revealed that nearly 20% of the Esophageal cancer patients can live up to about 5 years since they get the malignant diagnosed.

Drinking hot tea increases risk of Esophageal Cancer

Some of the prominent factors that can lead to the rise in Esophageal cancer includes:

  • Being above 55-years of age
  • Mostly men
  • Having acid reflux
  • Consuming a large amount of processed meat
  • Low in-take of fresh fruits and vegetables

Under the study conducted, the participants were asked to mention how many times they drank tea per day and at an estimation of what temperature. But this could have produced a bias in the result. Hence, a new study was designed to measure the temperature of the tea consumed objectively. The measure wasn’t depended on the memory or feelings of a person. The research team was led by Dr. Farhad Islami (Strategic Director of Cancer Surveillance Research at American Cancer Society) and he aimed to conduct a study on tea drinking habit in a prospective way.

The participants of the study included around 50000 adults from Iran and they belonged to an age group of 40 to 75 years. They were clinically followed for about more than 10 years, i.e. from 2004 to 2017. During this phase, around 317 people were diagnosed with Esophageal cancer.

The researchers divided the tea temperature into two categories – ‘Too Hot’ (above 60-degree Celsius) and ‘Cold/Lukewarm’ (Below 60-degree Celsius). The researchers also focused on the duration of pouring the tea into the cup and drinking it; this occurred largely on a scale of 2 to 6 minutes.


Drinking ‘too hot’ tea (around 700ml) per day can maximize the risk of Esophageal cancer by around 90% when compared to drinking the same amount of ‘Cold/Lukewarm’ tea. The researchers have concluded that the results of the study support the existence of a strong relationship between drinking hot tea and Esophageal cancer.

An Esophagus is a lengthy tube which transports the food and liquid consumed down to your stomach. Esophageal cancer is considered to be the 8th most common cancer in the world. It is highly fatal and is known to take the lives of nearly 4,00,000 people per year. Certain common causes of Esophageal cancer are injury occurred to Esophagus because of heavy smoking, alcohol consumption, and drinking hot liquids.

Prevent the hot tea drinking habit

It is significant for all the people to understand that drinking tea below a temperature of 60-degree Celsius is highly beneficial for your health. Many people love to drink tea or coffee at a high temperature. But it is advisable to reduce the temperature and cool the beverage down, so as to avoid the risk of cancer.