A Quality Guide to Buy a Smartphone+Best Flagships (Expert Picks)

Smartphone Buying Guide

The mobile phone market is of one of the most competitive areas in the world of technology. In order to purchase the most adequate and advance device for your own specific use, you have to take it easy and consider many tips and tricks before taking action. In the next lines, we are going to have a deep understanding of Smartphone Buying Guide, specs and their prices and what if they deserve such value or not. Buying a Smartphone Seems to be Difficult as every day a new smartphone is born! Then…..What to DO???

Never Believe in the Stereotypes: Smartphone Buying Guide

First, we highly recommended you never to believe in the Hype. In another word, try to have a real conviction that the reputation of any smartphone trends cannot define the real value of the device. Today, we are living in the age of flow of information. Especially when we talk about the world of technology. This is why our experts advise you to stop following stereotypes. Of course, Most of the giant in the market offer high-quality products, we are talking about the top gurus in the field: Samsung and Apple, however, sometimes, you will be certainly able to find more astonishing and performant options from other contributors in the field such Huawei. You have to think twice before thinking about the cash criteria when you try to buy a smartphone in 2019. Huawei Mate X Review…

Apple Iphone: Guide to Buy a Smartphone

In fact, 2019 will surely change the way which top trends in technology prove their uniqueness. They will rely on three main factors. Your Guide to Buy a Smartphone must cover the next points:

What you need to take into consideration:

  • Display Size
  • Quality of Camera
  • Battery Life
  • Storage and RAM
  • And the additional accessories and features

The previous factors are the main factors on which the players in the field are adding much value. As a result, customers from all around the world may change their choices depending on the quality and the performance of such pillars. Some other Features Like GPU, Screen Resolution, Firmware or OS Verison should also be noted before buying a Smartphone.

In addition to that, we can ensure for you that you will find out a wide variety of phone from where you can pick your adequate future smart device. Especially if you are a unique fan of the Android operating system. Accordingly, you will have a wide chart of manufactures that will fundamentally impress you with their design and hardware quality services. Check out Android Q Review…

Is it all about the price? Alternatively, it is a combination of many other factors!

Nowadays, we can find a direct relationship between the cost of a phone and the quality of hardware. The more the hardware is performant the more quality of hardware you are going to seek for sure.

On the other hand, we can find may developing companies like Realme that can handle you the most competitive features in the new smartphones generation with a very modest price. However, you do not have to except a very high and sophisticated performance level of hardware. RealMe 3 Review….

Smartphone Display: Guide to Buy a Smatyphone

To illustrate the previous fact that stands for modest pricing can also handle you a good performant smartphone in 2012, we can speak about the famous Xioami Mi A1. It can cost you only 233$. This product mad the other competitors compete more and more in order to bring similar features and specs in their new generation of phones, all respecting the same pricing range.

To have an accurate idea about the kind of phones that you can purchase in our days, you have better choose China. Since it is leading the area of smartphones. While talking about price ranges, you will not find a better choice except China without any small doubt.

The next lines are about the top brands that you can purchase from a real performant mobile without the need for a real expensive budget to deal with for sure. Actually, the next chart can handle you what you really need for a real branded phone all referring to the top specs you seek in 2019. For instance, high camera quality, great hardware specs and real shape and design for your screens.

The Top Brands that you may think in the Guide to Buy a Smartphone

Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro

Huawei Mate 10 Pro...
Huawei Mate 10 Pro Hands On!

When it comes to the top smartphones nowadays, we are without any small doubt talking about Huawei and how such developing small manufacturers switched its career into a completely new era of developed platforms around the world.

The new Mate 10 pro has an attractive design with well-shaped corners. The battery life is over the top. It can endure more than 36 hours of within continuous duty. Moreover, the new Huawei Mate 10 Pro can handle an excellent Camera. We are certainly talking about Leica branded with F/1.6 mm. It has more than 12 Megapixel Unit. It can offer the most advanced quality of pictures that you ever dealt with.

The new smartphones come with an embedded Kirin 970 processor and can make you feel the speediest speed that you have ever dreamt of in your life. The price is cheaper by 300 USD than the other previous generation of the same manufacturer.

The new device has an AMOLED screen with 1080 x 2160 size. This pillar can offer the best cinematic experience with your future phone without any small doubt. Huawei is one of the best brands that can blow the mind of the consumers.

OnePlus 6T Review

Oneplus 6t
Sleek Design of Oneplus 6T

The new OnePlus 6T has an astonishing design with shaped corners. A beautiful combination of glasses and metal, which add a luxury, look to the modestly priced smartphones. Accordingly, it is an adequate choice for many consumers around the world due to the harmony between a cheap price and the high quality of design and hardware specs.

The new 6T has a great camera of 16MP f/1.7 and another 20MP used in the first place for depth sensing. Like that, you will be able to catch the most detailed pics easily. You can also record videos for both front and back camera. Just like the previous generation of OnePlus 6.

One of the unique features in the new 6T is the additional option of a finger scanner. Accordingly, the device is highly secured from the most tricky security attacks. In fact, the new device has up to 6GB in ram and 256 GB storage. This selection can cost you up to 629 USD. Such a price seems very reasonable when it comes to the previous features that we have talked about.

Honor 10 Review

Honor 10 Review
Honor 10 Display..

One of the best choice that you must think about if you have a limited budget to spend on your new smartphone. However, you still want a performant phone for your daily recurrent use. The answer is obvious. You have to think about buying Honor 10.

Let us talk about the display, which seems as beautiful as its ancestors do. It is 5.84 inch IPS LCD. It is very full HD with 2280 x 1080 pixels.

Does the camera have a 16MP F /1.8 SENSOR? THE OTHER ONE IS ABOUT 24 MP sensor. Your pictures are going to be super clear and colourful. The AI new insane technology is also embedded in the new phone. The system can automatically detect and select the perfect way that the picture needs to be taken. Such a cool advanced smartphone can cost you only 400 USD.

The New Pocophone F1

Poco F1
Pocophone F1

The new F1 is widely known by the astonishing colors of the display. The phone may cost you 370 USD, which seems a very cheap price for a new Android smartphone nowadays. It does not meet the high standard of the high performant device however; it still stands a great alternative for many other cheap brands in the market.

Especially when we talk about the high quality of camera embedded in the new phone. It has a dual camera one is 12 MP and the other is about 5 MP f/2.0 pixel size camera. The shape is awesome and had gained positive feedback of thousands of customers around Asia. This is the Most Sold Flagship in India….


Oppo R17 Looks
Stunning Back Gradient

One of the most beautiful facts about OPPO is that they work a lot on the design. The new device has great hardware performance and a reliable fingerprint camera. However, one of the bad cons about the new R17 is that it is not water resistant. Moreover, the colours system may stand as a direct clone of the IOS colour OS mechanism.

The new OPPO R17 has 8 GB RAM and more than 128 GB of storage. In addition to that, the battery and the charging are much powerful than any- other competitors in the list without any small doubt. It has a steady technology called SuperVOOC Flash charging.

The treasure about the super-fast charging and the battery enduring time is that the genuine company has spilt its phone battery into two small 1850 mAh cells. This fact can handle you the top optimization for your battery use. They are dependent which can offer the most accurate ergonomic for your battery.

Talking about the camera, the new OPPO marketing plan is all about camera and selfies. It has an exciting camera of 25 megapixels in the middle of the phone and the AI can capture the best focus for your future pictures. Oppo have never failed to Impress with it’s Camera Quality and this Model is also very Satisfying!


Vivo Nex S: Smartphone Buysing Guide
Vivo Nex S: A True Full Screen Display

All the experts confirm that what makes the new Vivo legacy is the design. The NEX S is another level when it comes to the world of design. The look is the marketing campaigns face. The back of the phone is a little bit boring compared to the previous versions however, the front surface is 92 per cent occupied by the screen. Accordingly, you will have full control over your future Vivo features (92% Sceen to Body Ratio).

The new phone runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and has about 8 GB RAM. In addition to the previous powerful specs, the phone has more than 513 GB. It is powered by a beautiful AMOLED screen and meet the restricted requirement for the 2K technology. Vivo can stand as a great choice for in any Guide to Buy a Smartphone in 2019.

When it comes to the Camera, the new NEX S has 12 MP with the f/1.2 camera, which switches your future picture a real piece of art. The new smartphone is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor and a powerful system of audio.

Meizu 16th

Meizu 16th
Meizu: The Most Underrated Smartphone

Actually, Meizu is one of the top leaders when it comes to the manufacturing of Chinese smartphones. This is the main reason why the company is trying to develop its department for PR dedicated to the Chinese market frankly speaking they are targeting the best in the world of phones advanced features.

The new Meizu comes with an Android 8.1 Orei operating system. This fact can make your popular apps work on your new Meizu device. The new Qualcomm Snapdragon is embedded in the new device too. It comes with either 6 or 8 GB of RAM according to your previous choice. The display is about 6 inches and 2160×1080 AMOLED screen.

The shape and the design are over the top and the specs are certainly as described by many bloggers, a real beast. The camera is about 20 MP with f/2.0 equipped with a steady smart AI system for delivering the top quality of pictures that you have ever sought.

Essential PH-1

Essential PH-1
Essential PH-1: Design and Look

Let us switch to the other part of the world; we can obviously find the Essential Company. It had a massive echo in the area of smartphones and you will complete astonished by the massive dominance of the brand on the North American market.

It was, actually, created from the giant Android makers. The new phone has an astonishing notched display that can make your rock the world of phone trends. The new has a sharp display and a very combination of bright colours. The price is also not that high, it comes with a very reasonable cost of 499 USD. However, we can find some major cons embedded in the new Essential PH-1. The software can seem a little bit unfished and the camera can lack a little bit. However, the zoom features and the focus new technology embeded by Android is over the top of your expectations.


  • The design is unique
  • Sharp display: 5.71-inch LTPS IPS LCD
  • Luxury feeling: metal with a bit of plastic


  • Slippery impression due to the back and the front glasses
  • Not that perfect camera comparing to the price

Nokia 3.1

Nokia 3.1: Guide to Smartphone
Nokia 3.1: Hands On

Let us give another chance to an authentic company in the area of phones. No one can deny that Nokia was one of the best companies on Earth when we deal with performance and audience positive feedback. Although, the company faced many financial problems. But, nowadays with its new revolutionary phone called Nokia 1.3, the company has a new understanding of smartphones. Here are some cons and advantages of the new 1.3 phone from Nokia.


  • The design is unique and impressive
  • Recurrent updates
  • The best apps are compatible with the new OS


  • The display is beautiful however it is so small
  • The battery is not that persistent
  • Bad vibration problems

Nokia 1.3 can stand as a great example of top quality and low prices. The company was trying so bad to bring back its legacy and flourish its reputation after the great fall last decade. As results, we can ensure that the new Nokia 1.3 can stand as a great first push for the company. The brand is one of the top contributors in the top Smartphone Buying Guide of the year.

The Chinese brands are fundamentally dominating the market!

No one can deny that Chinese manufacturers are leading the market when it comes to the invasion of the new era of smartphones features. In fact, anything you search for, it can be easily grasped from the Chinese market. Brands like Huawei and Xioami are dealing with the Asian market. Furthermore, they have massive dominance in the North American market. How to Buy a Smartphone

Europe audiences start changing their interest in the Chinese market too. This is the main reason why the giant in the field like Apple and Samsung are bringing new unique ideas to stay always on the top of the trancing board. Else, they will be forgotten about the new small ,Chinese and Asian manufacturers. Especially when it comes to the pricing and the advance, technologies delivered in such modest and advanced devices at the same time.

Apple and Samsung Conflicts…..

It is the golden age of the mid-range category of phones. According to statistics, the customers prefer a real performant device with advanced features and specs more than a highly expensive phone with low specs.

The audience of both Galaxy S9 and iPhone XS are well determined. The side of the invention of new ideas in both Apple and Samsung are the factors that let the two companies lead the world in phones technologies. However, the audience may shrink in the future, according to analysts and experts, since the competition is getting more and harder between the new small manufacturers.


To conclude we can confirm that it is not always about the specifications. You have to consider many aspects before taking actions and purchasing your favourite future phone. It is all a combination of the price, performance, design and the user experience feedback, which handle you the best prediction for the most adequate smartphone for your next purchase.

The post is an efficient Smartphone Buying Guide for your plan. You should choose a Smartphone according to your usage. Before Buying smartphone you may look at the Reviews of the smartphone in Youtube or Can check the Overall Rating in the Market. This will Help you to Know More about your chosen Smartphone.