Google Stadia: Getting Gaming to Another Level

Google Stadia Review

Google has just unveiled Stadia, its ambitious attempt to upgrade the gaming industry and launch Xbox and PlayStation. A major gaming initiative : A Netflix – like streaming platform called Stadia. Google Stadia Will Power 4K Top Shelf Video Recording with 60 FPS!. Google says that Stadia will also lead to games without delay, because all the complexity of the network is happening on its cloud. It is a Simply a 4K Video Streaming Platform, Everything you can do on Internet can be Streamed. Google announced a series of technological partnerships, including major game development engines such as Unreal, Unity and Havok.

Instant access Stadia

During the Opening event of Google Stadia, very Unique features seem to arise. There is a moment when the person is watching a clip of the Popular Game Assassin’s Creed being broadcast by another Youtuber and they hit the play button in the Live stream. Then Some Unbelievable things happen, the Game Run instantly without downloading files. So hereby confirming that Google Stadia have some instant access feature which will enable you to play games without downloading its files. Youtube Premium Launched in India..

Other Features

Stadia is not hardwareit’s a streaming platform designed to connect devices and provide players with instant access to their games. Meanwhile integrating YouTube capture, streaming and sharing. Stadia launches the year, confirmed by Phil Harrison at Google Stadia’s conference, but no precise price or date of the launch of the Google Stadia was announced. Part of Google’s Stadia field was not only to eliminate frustration for players, but also to eliminate the technical limitations of existing hardware, which frustrates developers. Samsung Galaxy Fold Review…

As more and more devs change their approach or explore the cloud gaming experience for themselves – which a company as large as Google usually encourages. More solutions will be found to shorten response times and delay input on multiple devices. Google says that Stadia will also lead to games without delay, because all the complexity of the network is happening on its cloud. Gaming can be a very good carrier option in this era as the Majority of Modern Multiplayer Games are Increasing Rapidly. And that’s why Google Stadia is Launched….. Huawei Mate X Review!

Google Stadia Logo

Most importantly, Google seems to be throwing everything behind Stadia, something we have not seen with a streaming gaming service since PlayOn. It is not clear what additional development efforts will be needed to make the canadian game compatible ( not to mention the size of Google expected from sales ), but it is essential that Google gets as many games and developers on board as possible. Cross – platform games such as Call of Duty, Monster Hunter and FIFA, which usually watch releases on various consoles and pcs, will have to be present in Stadia to legitimise them.


Google’s track record of entering highly competitive new markets is far from spotless ( receiving an email reminder to download old images from Google Plus, just a few days before the launch of Stadia felt a bit disastrous ). But its deep pockets and a strong competitive advantage in cloud services were not. That’s Means Google is clearing its Underated Social Media App. Google+ To Free it’s space and implement some good and Fast Cloud storage for this gaming experience!

There are other potentially important audiences for whom purchasing a console or gaming PC is a huge barrier and a service such as Stadia can actually work. If Google is going to go with it, it is becoming a major marketer – – one that will probably not make the slightest dent in the sale of PlayStation, Xbox and gaming PCs, but which could grow and develop a completely new industry next to them. Assuming that Google is technically correct, and for those living where the service is viable, Stadia can replace the console very well.