12 Foods For Stronger Erection


Did you think that there are many factors that are required for a stronger erection? It is just not about being aroused!

With many hazards of modern life like being stressed and having improper sleep, it is very difficult for men to get and maintain hard erections.

While there are some men who are also suffering from the most embarrassing disorder known as the erectile dysfunction as it results in a lesser satisfied partner.

The secret to having a hard and strong erection mostly lies in your diet. When a healthy lifestyle is coupled with some foods that help in stronger erections are a boon for men as it would help them in having a successful love life.

Aphrodisiac foods are known to help you in getting erections. But you also need to know that not all the aphrodisiacs foods help in getting stronger erections.

If you wish to satisfy your partner or if you are planning to conceive a baby, then you need to eat foods for a stronger erection.

Here are some of the best foods that will help you have stronger erections that will last longer!

Check them out.


Onions are also known as a healthy heart because they help in thinning the blood. When your blood becomes thinner, it increases in volume. The increased blood volume can help you get a strong erection that lasts for a long time.

Herb Pasta

Pasta has lots of carbs that will give you energy for lovemaking. The different herbs like nutmeg and cayenne pepper used as seasonings make it all the more androgenic for you.


The easiest and simplest way to get a ‘hard on’ is by pushing more blood into your penal blood vessels. So remember how your face becomes red after eating spicy food, research claims that chillies also have a similar effect on a man’s genitals.


Drinking too much coffee is not exactly healthy. However, you cannot deny the fact that caffeine does give you energy kicks that can make you last longer in bed.


The omega-3 fatty acids which are abundantly present in cold water fish helps to improve the blood circulation. It also makes the blood less thick. As a result, consuming salmon on a regular basis helps in getting an erection quickly.


The anthocyanins that are present in cherries help to clean up the arteries. This helps in the regular flow of your blood supply as it is not blocked from reaching your penis in time.


Eating healthy food is one of the thumb rules of being a great lover. So consuming healthy oats or porridge help in filling your stomach. It flushes out bad fats and also helps you to become more energetic in bed.


Saffron helps to heal aches and pain in your body. It thus makes your body more sensitive to feelings and touch. Consuming it on regular basis helps both men and women to have an increase in their libido.


Zinc is a vital nutrient that is required for producing testosterone in the body. There are few better sources of zinc in the world than seafood. So make sure you keep pouring more of oyster sauce on your food, as it will help you have a better hard-on.


Bananas give you the much-needed doses of potassium which help to keep your heart healthy and it improves the blood circulation as well. As we told earlier, with smooth blood circulation comes a stronger erection!


Pomegranate is loaded with iron and it helps in the production of red blood cells required in the body. The more blood you have, the faster and stronger your erection would be!


Cloves are traditionally a part of ‘garam masala.’ This is a hot combination of spices which is generally used for Indian cooking. Studies claim that cloves help to raise the body temperature, and as a result, it flushes more blood to the penis.