Clash of Clans is Back into Action With its New Update

Clash of Clans New Update

Let Take a Quick Sneak Peak of this Popular Game-

Designed by Supercell Corporation, Clash of Clans is a war game that has surprisingly left other strategic games in the Android market. You can fight millions of players around the world, destroy enemy clans, forge powerful clans with others, and guide your clan to victory. Clash of Clans is the popular “freemium” military game, raids, buildings and other war-based activities. It is one of the Most Played Game Between 2014-2017 then the arena of Battle Royale Game Arises! Check Out Our Latest Post.

Clash of Clans is an immersive game in which you build a foundation, protect it, train troops and attack others. Players can join forces to form clans, groups of up to fifty people who can then participate in Clan Wars, give gifts and receive troops and chat with each other. What is cool and new with Clash of Clans in comparison to similar games is the quest for a single player. Huawei Mate X Review!

Clash of Clans Latest Update

According to the Latest Video by Supercell confirmed that some most awaited features have been implemented into it. But although Clash of Clans is the best, there is still room for significant improvements in gameplay (combat mode), virality (world map, interaction with friends) and even monetization. Many People are requesting these features and hereby Supercell has added these into the Latest Update. Now the Game Seems to be more Stable to play. Here are some of the updated features we will get after the next update…

1 Gem Troop Donation
1 Gem Troop Donation

Best Highlighted Features:-

  • One Gem Troop Donation- This Seems to be a Very Cool Feature added to this game. Many People are looking at this feature as it adds more functionality to the game as well as making the gameplay better. You can’t wait 10-20 Min behind a troop, training in a secret place for donation. Now as their developers said you can donate any troops (I Really Mean Any) @1 Gem. Wow!
  • Extra Loot! Extra Fun- Getting More resources to increase your change for upgrading your building and troop faster to move on to the next level. As the Developer Said you can get “Heaps of Extra Loots”. This brings quick anxiety to all COC Players.
  • Battle Pass- It is the best feature featured by Supercell which can make this game skyrocket! Yes, this feature has been requested by Millions of Players. Season/Battle Pass is an Event where Player have to complete some tasks to earn rewards or resources for the particular game. This Feature of COC has confirmed a season pass with some extra features and rewards.
  • Boost in Building and Laboratory Time and Cost: Some of the Major Drawback of this game include the Building Time for Building and Training Time and this seems to be fixed by this update. Supercell is providing a discount for this. This can be a popular crowd-puller implemented by Supercell and this can be very effective for restoring the popularity of this game.
  • Hero Skins- Supercell us Finally adding hero to their game, which can be the best feature to attract people. As they earlier said in the Video they are realising Gladiator Skins for Barbarian King! There seems to be a pretty awesome feature added by Supercell.

Final Verdict

Clash of Clans Update brings some of the actions to it. Some Best and Most Awaited features have been added to it as confirmed by the Supercell Developers. And that’ why this update is gonna rock. The Popularity and Fame of this game is still insane. Million of Players are still playing and streaming this on Youtube. But after this update, Supercell can expect a big hike in their stats! Comment Below what do you like in this Update……