Ten Places in Gokarna you should visit

Kudle Beach

Gokarna is a well-known beach town situated about 700 kilometres away from Mumbai and which can be easily reached by train or else bus. It is one of the best places to visit for a memorable vacation known for its beaches and temples. People come here in search of peace as well as relaxation; it is also a popular pilgrimage site too. This is a temple town associated with many famous legends along with epics of Hindu mythology. The place presents many beautiful beaches, and the best part is that…

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Food Items You Should Try on Your Visit to India


Are you planning to visit India soon? If you haven’t made a trip to India yet, it’s never too late to organize a travel adventure to the ‘Land of Spices’. India has emerged out to be a global leader when it comes to a diversified range of spices such as pepper, cardamom, chilly, turmeric, cumin, or cloves. And Indians, do have a pattern of instilling a ‘Desi’ style to the preparation of food or clothes, etc. The mix of all these spices infused in a food item will give you…

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Top 8 Best Travel Destinations to be Explored in 2019

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So, vacation times are round-the-corner and you might be struggling to look out for your travel destination in 2019! “Wherever you go, go with all your heart” – Confucius Check out the top 8 travel destination lists that you must not miss out in 2019! Mexico City in Mexico Go and grab the original flavors of corn! Want to experience the fresh and hot ‘Tortilla’? Head straightway to Mexico City. The city is investing in the traditional preparing of the corn by preserving its indigenous features. Do not miss out…

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Tips to be Considered for Summer Traveling


Summer is around the corners and its time that counts for an increase in tourism activities. So what’s your plan for this ‘SUMMER’? As the summer arrives, the soul of every passionate traveler gets excited towards heading for another well-planned summer trip. Studies have proved that most of the people prefer a trip during the summers when compared to the other time of the year (be it a road trip, beach side stay, or a mini vacation). PLANNING is the basic step involved in every summer traveling. Here are a…

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