Significance of Menstrual Hygiene Education in Schools

28th of May is celebrated as ‘Menstrual Hygiene Day’ all across the world, but still, we live in a world where talking about menstruation is considered to be a taboo. Periods or menstruation is a natural element of the reproduction cycle but because it is considered to be a taboo, it is discussed less in the public. Nearly 60% of the women in different parts of the world are still aren’t aware of menstrual hygiene, which increases the risk of vaginal infections. In one of our previous articles, we have…

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The Significance of Social Media in the Present Education System

The presence of social media platforms is expanding tremendously and it has successfully created a positive impact among the education vertical, similar to its impression in other fields.  Though most of the people including parents and educators consider social media as a reason for the decline of a student’s academic performance, it isn’t completely true. Social media has emerged as a platform wherein students can interact with academic related learning groups in a simplified way, thus, leading to the growth of their knowledge base. Instilling the social media in the…

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How Does Digital Learning Reinforce Education System?

Digital Learning

With the immense and rapid expansion of digitization, digital learning has taken over the essence of traditional learning in the educational sector. The shift from the traditional teaching techniques to the digital or online classroom teachings have a positive impact on the students as well as the comprehensive global educational system. Digital learning promotes the growth of an education system in the following numerous ways. Making Students Smarter Possessing a sound knowledge about the modernized tools or technologies will help the students to develop the self-instructed learning abilities. They can…

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