Acne – Few Do’s And Don’ts To Follow

Acne do and don't Acne do and don't


Teenage is a very pivotal yet tricky phase in everyone’s life. It is the age when you are no longer a child but not yet an adult yet! As we slowly step into adolescence we realize a lot of things do not remain the same.

Some things seem pleasing to us, like growing tall, getting to wear your elder siblings’ clothes, getting out of school, making new friends etc. can be very captivating.

But with it also come some of the common adolescent problems. You know the change in hormones that make you tall and look like your papa or mama can also show on your face. Most common being acne! Sigh!

At first, when those small pustules appear on your face, we tend to think it cannot happen to me. We tend to ponder if this tiny not-so pimple-like boils may be some rash

Acne can be really frustrating. The moment when we touch our face and feel the roughness due to these pustules can be pretty demotivating. Most often we hear from our parents or elders telling us that it is common during teenage – you will get over it, it will disappear on its own, try some home remedies like the usual try turmeric and sandalwood powder, curds and honey, etc etc.

Our friends, cousins, on the other hand, advise us to try different things including a list of creams or beauty treatments they follow. Most often, sadly, nothing much helps and ultimately we end up at a beauty clinic telling the doctor about our problems. Alas, based on our condition the doctor gives us some medicines and some sound advice.

Here are a few points which we would like to suggest. We recommend a few do’s and don’ts that will surely help you to handle the acne.

DO’s if you have Acne

•    Drink lots and lots of water. 8-10 glasses of water a day surely cleanse your body and helps you keep your skin and body hydrated. Thus keeping acne at bay!

•    Have a good amount of fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruits like lemon, oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C and helps in protecting against acne scarring. Green leafy vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants.

•    Use a natural moisturizer like Aloe Vera etc. to moisturize your skin or chose oil-free cosmetics that will prevent excessive oil production in the skin.

•    Wear comfortable clothing. Loose and cotton clothes are preferred as they prevent sweat to rub against the skin and causing a breakout of acne.

•    Changing your bedspreads and pillowcases regularly lessens the chance of spreading the acne. Also, use a fresh towel every day will have a minimum chance of carrying any dirt that will clog the pores and further trigger the microorganisms in the acne.



The don’t do list can be many; here are some of the main things you need to consider which are easier to follow.

•    Avoid! Strictly avoid washing your face often, this can irritate the skin. By over washing you are increasing the chance of producing oil from the oil glands under your skin removing its protective layer of natural oils that can lead to spreading of microbes in acne.

•    Please do not touch your face often. We all know it is very tempting to remove those small blisters that we feel on our skin. This can be the worst you do, as you increase the chance of acne spreading and also scarring your skin.

•    Cut down on oily foods, junk food to maximum possible level. These foods increase the blood sugar in your body and consecutively increase the production of skin oils and in turn clogging the follicles of the skin.

•    Do not use different products on your face just because you heard they work. Not all hacks work right for each person; if you think the acne cannot be controlled with home remedies do visit a doc.

•    Even though acne cannot be cured overnight, you can control it with proper care. Follow the above-mentioned habits as it can help you see the difference.

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