6 Topmost Health Benefits of Turmeric

A perfect natural remedy for your skin conditions

Since time immemorial, it has been believed that turmeric has multiple healing properties and cosmetic advantages. It comes in the yellow-orange color mix and is somewhat associated with ginger. Turmeric has a lot of benefits, especially, beneficial for women of all age.

Need a glowing skin? Want to get rid of pimples or acne? Want to enjoy a softer skin? Turmeric is the solution!

  • Turmeric is majorly grown in India
  • The curcumin component present in turmeric can have therapeutic benefits for your skin

The curcumin component is composed of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which can offer numerous health benefits.

Skin brightening

Turmeric is the best natural remedy to get a fair complexion. Amidst the Indian wedding traditions, the ‘Haldi Ceremony’ carries a lot of significance. It is believed that applying turmeric will bring an additional glow on the face of the brides. The presence of curcumin component boosts skin brightening, refreshes the skin, and improves the skin complexion drastically.

Turmeric has the potential to bring a radiant glow on your face

Healing wounds

Applying turmeric on the wounded areas is the best way to overcome the pain caused by a wound. The curcumin element reduces the inflammation and oxidation along with a rapid decrease in pain caused by cutaneous wounds. Precisely, it helps in quicker healing. Turmeric also largely affects the tissue and collagen.

Preventing acne

Acne is generally identified by whiteheads and blackheads. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory features of turmeric will help you from acne or unwanted pimples. It prevents bacteria from spreading and also reduces the redness or skin blemishes, thus, giving a radiant skin texture. You can mix turmeric with Apple Cider Vinegar, which will act as the best skin toner. It will open the blemishes and results in quick healing. Also, applying a mix of honey and turmeric can prevent the occurrence of acne and pimples.

Protection against sun damage

One of the research executed by the American Academy of Dermatology in its 68th Annual Meeting revealed that a cream containing turmeric (as a major property) possessed the ability to enhance the face lines and brown spots caused by sunburns or sun damage. Because of the longer UVB exposure, turmeric also eliminates the loss of skin elasticity.

Skin Conditions

Turmeric is the best natural solution to treat skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Scleroderma, and Vitiligo. Psoriasis is defined as a chronic skin condition and possesses an increase to the heart diseases. The presence of curcumin in turmeric helps to eliminate such rare skin conditions. Scleroderma can create scars under the skin or nearby the blood vessels and internal organs. Turmeric helps in preventing the formation of scars. Vitiligo causes skin pigmentation and forms white patches on your skin. Using turmeric is the perfect solution for all these varied skin conditions, wherein, due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, turmeric can perform wonders in such instances. It helps to minimize or remove the redness caused by blemishes and other skin disorders such as eczema, etc.

Say No to stretch marks

Nearly 80% of the people face the issue of stretch marks, especially women, during the stage of post-pregnancy. Turmeric is essential as it helps in lessening the appearance of these stretch marks. The ant oxidative power of the turmeric penetrates into the skin and optimizes the functions of skin membrane cells. It can treat the occurrence of stretch marks in a drastic way. Mix one tsp of virgin olive oil, one tsp of turmeric powder, and a drop of lemon. Rub this paste on the stretch marks and notice the difference.

Before you use turmeric, make sure to avoid using it in excessive terms. Be careful about the dosage and other relevant aspects.