7 Really Weird Chinese Medical Treatments And Its Effects

7 Really Weird Chinese Medical Treatments And Its Effects

People have used Chinese medical treatments for a very long time. It is explored from the records that the use of different medical techniques originated around the second century. Thousands of practitioners have added their experiments to make today’s traditional Chinese medicine.

Most Chinese medicines are known for their unorthodox and strange approach to medical treatments. These treatments are viewed as attractive, sometimes scary, and weird too. Here we have collected a short list of Chinese therapies to show you how they work.

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This method is used to treat chronic pains. Some say this method can have long-lasting effects in treating arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. 

According to recent studies, cupping can increase blood circulation and vasodilation and permit your body to throw out waste and toxins. However, there is still no perfect evidence found that can say that cupping can treat any heart condition. But, it can effectively relieve all sorts of pains and aches with minimal side effects.


This method is widely known and accepted by practitioners. In the past, this treatment was thought to stimulate life force and heal numerous diseases. This treatment is regarded as the best for treating chronic pains, and even in china, it is used as anaesthesia during surgeries.

Studies have revealed that acupuncture works best for chronic pain and fibromyalgia. It is becoming more popular as a supplementary therapy over time. In this medical treatment, needles are inserted into the human body’s skin, tissues and muscles at specific points. 

In the Traditional Chinese medicine field, there are approximately two thousand acupuncture points on the human body that are mainly connected by 12 major meridians. These meridians conduct energy between the body’s surface and its internal organs.


It is a therapy in which Moxa (mugwort root), made from dried Artemesia Vulgaris, is burnt to heal people. This burning procedure produces a tremendous amount of smoke and a pungent smell that is often taken, similar to cannabis. 

This treatment aims to warm and revitalize the flow of blood, stimulate and strengthen the functioning of kidneys and dissolve immobility. It is revealed from the studies that this therapy was primarily used in the past for treating menstrual pains.

Softshell Turtles

This is an expensive ingredient used in different medicines due to its cooling effect. This turtle is believed to treat diarrhoea, moisturize skin, refresh blood circulation and even boost the human immune system. 

Some researchers have revealed that Softshell Turtles can promote the production of immune globulin, which can be helpful for increasing the life of antibodies in the human body.

Sea Stars

Sea stars are famous for their anti-inflammatory properties as we know that inflammation can cause many diseases like arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases, bowel syndrome, allergies, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and even cancer. 

This ingredient can treat inflammation-related illnesses, which is also under investigation in the western medical world.

Caterpillar Fungus

In the scientific world, Cordyceps is the name given to caterpillar fungus commonly known as worm grass. The fungus is scary and originates from a little spore infecting the backs of moth caterpillars.

 When the caterpillar dies, this fungus grows out of its body like an alien finger. It is thought that this fungus can be helpful in kidney and liver problems, and some athletes use it to boost their performance. New research has uncovered that this fungus can even be beneficial in treating lung and skin cancer.


This strange creature is used to fight against coughs and colds due to its healing properties. Even studies have revealed that geckos can also be used to cure impotence and premature ejaculation. 

If you ever find a dried gecko hanging in a Chinese laboratory, then don’t panic because now you know its magical effects and uses too.

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