Is Sugar Really Bad For Your Health?

It is medically proven that people who eat more sugar are likely to have a higher risk of diabetes type 2, cancer and many other heart diseases.
Is Sugar Really Bad For Your Health?
Is Sugar Really Bad For Your Health?

Did you know that there was a time when sugar was available to humans only in fruit season? Almost 80,000 years ago, hunters ate fruit only when competing with birds, but now we can have sugar at our doorstep.

From marinara sauce to peanut butter, sugar is almost present in every product. Experts have revealed that our modern sugar intake is hazardous for a healthy life. Even governments are trying to put a tax on it. A Survey report has revealed that in the U.S., sugar accounts for 17% of the total calorie intake of adults and 14% of children. 

It is medically proven that people who eat more sugar are likely to have a higher risk of diabetes type 2, cancer and many other heart diseases. We have collected a list of reasons why consuming too much sugar harms your health

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Weight Gain

You might have read that rate of obesity is rising day by day due to our changing diet habits. Sugar-sweetened drinks like sodas, juices and sweet teas have a lot of fructose in them, which increases the hunger level of a human. 

Additionally, excessive fructose intake can stop leptin production, a hormone that tells our body to stop eating. All these sugary items boost your hunger level, thus resulting in weight gain.

Risk Of Heart Diseases

Much evidence has revealed that high sugar diets can cause many heart problems. It is said that consuming too much sugar, especially drinks, can lead to atherosclerosis, a disease in which our arteries have a heavy deposit of fats.

The Higher Risk Of Developing Acne

It is scientifically proven that high sugary foods and drinks can cause a higher risk of developing acne. Sugary foods rapidly spike glucose and insulin levels, causing expanded androgen discharge, oil creation and aggravation, all of which play an essential role in developing acne.


In the past 30 years, we have seen a tremendous increase in diabetic patients. Although there are many reasons behind this, excessive sugar consumption is the most crucial source of this disease. The prolonged consumption of high sugar motivates the resistance to insulin, a particular hormone produced by our pancreas to regulate the blood sugar level in our bodies.

Cause Of Cancer

An excessive amount of sugar can cause many types of cancers. The higher consumption of sugary and processed foods can cause obesity, the most significant cause of cancer. A diet that contains higher sugar can cause inflammation in the human body and may also be responsible for causing insulin resistance, both of which can lead to the birth of cancerous cells.

Lead To Fatty Liver

Did you know that a higher intake of fructose is the cause behind the increased risk of fatty liver? Fructose is the ingredient in sugar, like glucose, which is probably broken down by the liver. In the liver, fructose is converted or stored as glycogen. A large amount of sugar will overload your liver, ultimately leading to fatty liver diseases.

Higher Risk Of Depression

It is medically proven that a healthy diet helps to boost your mood, while on the other hand, the consumption of high sugar and processed foods may cause depression and anxiety. A study has revealed that sugary drinks and cakes have been associated with a higher risk of anxiety in humans.

Accelerate the Skin Aging Process

It is common for wrinkles to appear on the skin with age, but did you know that poor food choices can speed up skin ageing? Due to the reaction between protein and sugar, a compound is formed in our body known as advanced glycation end products (AGES). AGES play a significant role in skin ageing. Higher sugar consumption increases AGES in our bodies, affecting our skin.

Increase Cellular Aging

The end part of chromosomes, known as telomeres, consists of molecules containing all the genetic information. Telomeres play an important role in protecting chromosomes from deteriorating or blending. As we grow old, these telomeres naturally shorten up, which causes cells to break down. Although it’s a natural process, consuming high sugar will accelerate it, thus leading to cellular ageing.

Drains Your Energy

Foods containing high sugar immediately attack our blood sugar and insulin levels, ultimately leading to increased energy levels. However, this increase in energy level is for a short period. 

Experts have revealed that products that contain more sugar but less protein, fibre or fat can immediately boost our energy level. This process causes a sharp drop in our blood sugar level, often a crash. To avoid this energy-draining process, you should choose those foods that have low sugar and rich level of fibre in them.

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