What Is Shadow Banning in Social Media

A Shadow ban is a way in which the social media platform prevents spam from happening. You should these tips to keep your social accounts safe.

Social media has become an integral part of life on the internet, as social networking sites and applications are growing. Today, social networking sites and applications create engaging content to inspire and engage people, but it happens to the point where people are addicted to it. 

If users want to take advantage of the benefits of social media websites and applications in their daily lives, they must first understand the productive use of social media. There are Several Hidden Secrets of Using Social Media sites we are unaware of. One of the Most Difficult techniques implemented by the company is Ghost or Shadow Banning.

Shadow Banning in Social Media
What Is Shadow Banning

Shadow Ban (also known as a hidden ban, a ghost ban or a commenting on spirits) is the act of blocking a user or their content from an online community that the user does not realise that they have been banned. A Shadow ban is a way in which the social media platform prevents spam from happening, which is fine. This is usually caused when they caught you doing something illegal which tends to break their policy. They don’t but their AI Algorithms do!

If you have noticed that your involvement is suddenly declining and your followers are falling like flies, I am sorry to report that you may have become a victim of the dreaded ban on social media shadow. Your account may Freeze or you may use some features in it. In addition, compared to previous social networking days, Instagram is taking stronger action against fraud, counterfeiting and violating its terms of use.

How To Stay Protected from Shadow Banning

Shadow Banning Seems to be Simple, but the duration of this type of banning is more than normal. Your Account can be Permanently Shadow banned and you can lose your personal data. It can be also called a Slow Poison which degrades your Social Media Account. Then How to Use Social Media Without any Risk of this type of Banning? Here are some working tips:

  • Using any Social Media, Check out their Terms and Conditions. Many People Ignore and Humiliate their policy which leads their account to be banned.
  • Social Media Login seems to be a speedy and relevant feature for accessing any web app. But beware of some apps which you allow to steal your personal information. Before accessing check out the information they collect.
  • Buying fake followers on a large scale will attract the attention of one's channel, increasing the chances of banning the shadow and banning your account in general. Many people to boost their fame go to buy followers or likes which are instantly caught by their systems. Most of the Banned accounts have this certain cause.
  • Accessing your Social Media account using a Virtual Private Network(VPN) can lead your account to be locked. As they indicate some unusual behaviour across your connection from different locations.
  • Social networking sites try to draw a thin line between censorship and content adapted to all age groups. Publishing Nude or Illegal Images can lead your account to be permanently banned.


A Shadow ban is a way in which the social media platform prevents spam from happening, which is fine. Humiliating their Terms and Condition can lead your account to be banned in this way. You can’t easily spot whether your account is banned or not. As it is a Silent Killer and slowly deletes your data and thus your Social Media Account. If you have not broken any rules or terms of certain social media. Then you should contact them immediately so that they could take some sudden step!

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