What Happens When You Use Expired Makeup?

Makeup enhances your facial beauty and increases confidence. You should throw away your expired makeup as there are many harmful effects of using it.

What Happens When You Use Expired Makeup?

Makeup adds up to your natural beauty and also covers up facial flaws. Girls are often fond of makeup. With the introduction of many easy-to-use cosmetics in the market, makeup is not a tough job anymore. Make-up enhances your facial beauty, increases confidence and makes you look outstanding.

You must use branded and good-quality cosmetics as cheap makeup can damage your skin. The chemicals used in making these makeup products cosmetics need to meet the quality standards along with the expiry dates. You should not compromise your skin health by using these low-quality cosmetics.

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Another thing about your makeup is to throw away your expired makeup as there are many harmful effects of expired makeup. First of all expired makeup will not be effective and will not show any result. Secondly, if you use expired and outdated makeup it may cause skin allergies, permanent scars, inflammation and peeling of the skin.

Here are some reasons why you should not use expired cosmetics

The Preservatives Stop Working

Preservatives are added to makeup to prevent the growth of bacteria in makeup products. However, when a makeup product is expired, bacteria start growing in it. If you apply the same makeup then you are inviting various infections to invade your skin.

The Consistency Changes

The consistency of your makeup product changes. For instance, your liquid foundation dries out, and mascara and liquid eyeliners become thick and also clumsy. This is enough proof that your makeup is expired and not fit for use.

The Ingredients Breakdown

Using expired makeup will not be effective for your skin. If you are using a foundation with a sun protection factor, it will not offer you protection against sun rays.

Skin Inflammation

Applying expired cosmetics to your skin causes skin inflammation and it can be severe. This condition is called contact dermatitis. This is characterised by skin irritation and in severe cases, itching. You have to visit a dermatologist if this condition persists.

Skin Allergies

Expired cosmetics can cause many skin allergies such as rashes, bumps, blisters and swelling. This may be accompanied by severe skin infections leading to the formation of pus.

Scars On skin

You can also get marks and scars on your skin if you apply expired makeup. Skin allergy after being treated in most cases leaves scars on your skin. Later these scars may take time to fade away.

Acne And Pimples

Cosmetics are designed to work in a particular way. When using expired cosmetics, the constituents do not work the way they are supposed to. As a result, they may block the facial pores which can result in acne and pimples.

Eye Infections

Appling expired eye cosmetics would be the worst thing you do. This may cause severe eye inflammation and infection. Eyes may get extremely red with itching and irritation. You may also get conjunctivitis (severe eye infection).

How Long Can You Safely Use Make-up Products?

All good-quality cosmetics come with expiry dates. Change your eye makeup after every four to six months as it may accumulate many bacteria and are very sensitive to infections.

Facial Make-up Products

Your facial makeup and lipsticks can last for almost two years, depending on their consistency. Water-based makeup gets spoiled faster while powder-based products last longer. Throw away all makeup products which are more than two years old.

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