Top 5 Food That Promotes Weight Loss

Food items which are rich in protein and fibre can be of great support for reducing weight. Here are list of 5 foods that can help you to reduce fats.
Promotes Weight Loss
Top 5 Food That Promotes Weight Loss

Including healthy food products can boost the weight loss program naturally. A recent study has proved that some food items can have a significant effect on our diet and appetite. There are certain foods which can promote weight loss, once you instil them into your diet plan.

All the food does not create an equal amount of calories and thus, they create a different metabolic process in each body. Food items can numerous varied effects on your body, diet, amount of calories burnt, and hormones.

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Food items that are rich in protein and fibre can be of great support to reducing weight. Including food products such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, etc. in your diet can work wonders, if you are aiming to lose weight.

Here’s a list of food items that can promote successful weight loss



It is a healthy and weight loss-beneficial step of incorporating a bowl of oatmeal into your diet at the beginning of the day. A study that was conducted on 47 adults revealed the weight difference between them after the intake of oatmeal. They felt less hunger after the intake of oatmeal when compared to the consumption of cereal. 

Oatmeal tends to lower the calorie intake when compared to that of eating cereals for breakfast. Though both comprise the same amount of calories, oatmeal is a rich storehouse of protein, fibre, and minimal sugar. The major reason for such a difference was the difference in Beta-Glucan (a kind of soluble fibre).



A study was conducted on women with obesity and it was revealed that they lost a good amount of weight by an intake of around 50gms of almonds per day. Whereas, women who adopted a nut-free diet did not have a noticeable weight loss. Women who consumed almonds and nuts experienced a vast reduction in their BMI (Body Mass Index), cholesterol level, blood sugar, and waist size. 

Nuts are composed of healthy proteins and fibre which allows a body to undergo the process of weight loss. They contain essential nutrients and thus, prove healthy for your body. People who consume nuts experience less weight gain in the next five years and are free from the risk of obesity.



Avocado is a fruit which has a rich fibre and fat content, thus, resulting in an enhanced weight management program. A recent study has found out that those who had an intake of avocado experienced less weight and had a lower BMI. People consuming avocado can have the potential of eating more vegetables, fruits, and fibre. This resulted in a healthier diet and enabled them to consume less added sugar. It eliminates the risk of metabolic syndrome to a large extent.



Making eggs an essential part of the breakfast plan can reduce weight loss. People who consume eggs in their breakfast eat less at the next meal or in the upcoming 24 hours. Eggs have a drastic impact on your food intake pattern and hunger level. People who consumed eggs experience a variation in insulin and blood sugar levels along with a reduction in ghrelin levels. But remember, a higher intake of eggs can result in LDL cholesterol in some people.


Intake of fish such as salmon can be highly healthy and is supposed to cause a reduction in the calorie level. Salmons are a storehouse of healthy fats, proteins, and various important nutrients. It also comprises a good amount of iodine, which is crucial for hassle-free thyroid functioning. Thus, it leads to excellent metabolism.

So what are you waiting for? Implement these foods in your diet and experience a healthy weight loss naturally.

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