Things That You Never Wish To Know About Your Body

There are some of the scary facts that can give you chills. These facts can simply blow your mind and also freak you out at the same time.
Things That You Never Wish To Know About Your Body
Interesting Facts About Your Body

We do not pay much attention to our bodies and instead only check when something is wrong. Well, that’s what most of the health sites are for! We Google them for answers and that is when the whole fear sinks in as you think that every ailment can lead to cancer. So, everything that you read online cannot be true.

Here we tell you everything that you don’t know about your body. So understanding some of the basic facts about our body functioning gets important. So, go ahead and check in to find out some of the things that you would never want to know about your body.

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Things That You Never Wish To Know About Your Body

Gastrointestinal fistula

This is a hole that occurs in your stomach or intestines which allows the contents to leak out. In simple words, it allows the poop inside your body to pass out.


According to science, almost every liquid in our body is made out of blood to a great extent. Be it your tears, milk, or even sweat. it’s all blood!


Melanoma can be small and faint. In fact, they often look like freckles to the untrained eye, but melanomas can be the most lethal of all cancers. If you got one, then make sure to get yourself checked!

Stomach acid

Stomach acid is quite dangerous. If it weren’t for cells that were constantly busy rebuilding your stomach’s wall, then there are high chances that you would digest yourself.

Digestive tracts

We all definitely know its function as all of us are walking around with poop in them, almost all of the time!

Other Organisms

There are several bacteria and other organisms that are living on and in your body. Scientists reveal that these organisms living on a single human body are actually more than the humans on the Earth!

Cancer cells

Scientists reveal that every minute of each day our body is producing cancerous cells. Though it sounds scary, you need to understand the fact these cells do not lead to cancer as your immune system destroys them.


In scientific terms, the human eye has an immune privilege. Wondering how? Science reveals that a human eye is not recognized by the body as belonging to your body. In simple words, if there is no barrier to protecting the eye from the immune system, then there are high chances that your white blood cells would attack it!


The only way to smell something is for small particles of that object to attach themselves to the inside of your nose. Yeah! Now we let your imagination flow as you can wonder what is the worst thing that you have smelled! If you got the answer then your worst fear is confirmed.


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