10 Foods That Kills Your Energy

With years passing by and we ageing faster when compared to our ancestors, we need to realise that a need to change our lifestyle is a must.

With our busy schedules, we hardly find the time to make the correct choices of healthy food. With years passing by and we ageing faster when compared to our ancestors, we need to realise that a need to change our lifestyle is a must.

As we grow older, modifying our eating habits and incorporating healthier stuff becomes a necessity for us. We need to make sure that we avoid junk food and unhealthy foods over some time.

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10 Foods That Kills Your Energy

Post 30 years of age, certain foods will have to eradicate from your plate and instead make healthy choices in picking up the healthy foods.

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Here in this article, we share the list of 10 foods you should never eat post 30.


Contrary to the belief Margarine is believed to be a healthier option than butter. But the fact is that it has a lot of trans- fats and as a result, this will lead to increased cholesterol levels.

Labelled ‘diet’ Foods

To make the food taste better and last longer, there are a lot of additives which are being added to the food, One needs to avoid these and instead opt for foods that are natural and healthy.

Excess Salt

If you wish to keep your blood pressure under control, then you need to stay away from too much salt as it will lead to a high BP which will adversely affect your heart and kidneys as well.

Excess Sugar

Sugar, on the whole, is not all healthy. Too much intake of it can cause you to suffer from diabetes, or it can damage your kidneys as well. This can take a toll on your heart or even lead to bone problems.

Too Much Fried Food

You need to control yourself while eating too many fried foods or any other type of junk food. This is important for individuals of all ages.

Too Much Wine

Avoid drinking too much wine as it is never good for your heart and liver. However, on the other hand, consuming a moderate amount is reported to be beneficial for health.


If you wish to avoid arthritis shortly, then make sure that you keep yourself away from bacon as it contains a high amount of omega 6 fatty acids instead of the omega 3 fatty acids which are healthier.

White Bread

White bread is one of the staple food that you can find in every house. But the fact is that it hardly holds any nutritional value and instead it adds on to carbohydrates.

White Rice

Just like white bread, white rice hardly holds any kind of nutritional value and all that it does is increase fat in your body. Instead, you need to opt for brown rice as it is much healthier and it is rich with high fibre content, vitamins and other nutrients as well.


Intake of caffeine in moderation amount is fine but too much of it can lead to the release of a lot of stress and hormone imbalance that can lead to anxiety, tremors, nausea, restlessness and so on.

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