A Major Breakthrough with the Release of Black Hole Image

The ring of fire surrounding the black hole

On April 10, 2019, a team of international scientists released the first image of ‘black hole’ captured from the assorted set of telescopes to gather an insight into the celestial objects. This was considered to be a major breakthrough in the realm of Astrophysics. The research was initiated by the team of Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), a global collaboration which began its operation in 2012 to witness the environment of a black hole using a network of various telescopes. The project was proposed by Prof. Heino Falcke from the Radboud…

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Tips to Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle This Summer

Stressing over the various complexities due to the scorching heat of this summer season? Summers come along with extreme heat, dryness, sweating, skin rashes, blemishes, etc. It can bring about a tremendous decline in our lifestyle and health conditions, if not taken care of ourselves properly. “Just not a sun cream; but you need to go further to protect your skin and hair” As the summer season approaches, people tend to pack their bags filled with swimsuits and plan out for a vacation to a hill station or beach. But…

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